ELIMINATE DAMAGED CARDS COMPLETELY. Prevent all Scratching, Warping or Static from cards rubbing together. Replaces all those other products that squeeze & smash cards. The ACM keeps your cards precisely separated in a patented tracking mechanism.LOGO ICONS TO CLEARLY INDICATE YOUR CARDS - Use the logos & colors provided to match your cards in each track. Easy and fun to use. Cash & folded receipts are stored under the MONEY CLIP with room for business cards & extra plastic cards.INSTANTLY ORGANIZE, PROTECT AND SELECT YOUR CARDS - This is the best, effective solution to being super organized. No more fumbling with fat wallets & card sleeves. All your cards are always in the same spot protected & ready to use.SO EASY TO SELECT YOUR CARD QUICKLY, saving time at the checkout has never been easier. It's so effortless you could pick your cards blindfolded. Plus, no more ruined cards. Ever.

YOU'VE BEEN THERE IN A CHECKOUT LINE with your scratched, damaged failed card. Annoying! Say goodbye to that scenario and the hassle of re-ordering damaged cards from your card company.

YOU WILL HAVE FUN with this advanced card holder discovering how simply it solves many common problems. The design is so reliable and effective, your cards will work as new right to their expiration date.

THIS WALLET GETS YOU SUPER ORGANIZED, is retro-mechanical, requires no batteries, is lightweight and carries a limited lifetime warranty. It literally has people around the world changing the way they carry their cards and cash.

Elite Organization and Card Protection
- Visually Label Card Selectors
- Zero Damaged Cards
- Zero De-Magnetized Cards
- Zero Warped & Damaged cards like Traditional Fat Wallets
- Zoom Through Checkouts

Hand assembled from over 60 parts, including stainless machine screws and springs, all contained in a tough polycarbonate shell, stainless steel screws and springs, 2 Part Process Chrome and Industrial Grade Rubberized Polymer coatings.

The removable currency / receipt / business card clip holds up to 20 bills folded in half or a few less bills and 4 to 5 business cards.

Instead of an animal-carcass, folded fat wallet, clip, clamp or case, look at the ACM. Our Limited Lifetime Warranty assures you of a sturdy, functional and practical item you will use for many years to come.

ACM Wallet Adult Credit Card Holder Money Clip One Size Black NFWWPAEEW

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ACM Wallet Adult Credit Card Holder Money Clip One Size Black NFWWPAEEW

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